Mainframe Solutions

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Mainframe Solutions

Fortius Techsoft helps you optimize your mainframe, whatever your challenges – from supporting new digital channels to driving down costs, so your mainframe will cost less while doing more. To make sure your mainframes provide the critical services people rely on daily, our highly efficient management solutions give you increased responsiveness, higher availability, reduced risk, and automated problem resolution, all while lowering IT costs.


Systems:  MVS Z/OS, VM, VSE, Bull Mainframe, OS390, JCL, AS/400


Language:  COBOL(All Variants), PL/1, ASSEMBLER, NATURAL



Data Base: DB2, IDMS, IMS-DB, Adabas, Total


On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP): CICS, IMS-DC, ADS/O,DC-COBOL.


TOOLS: Xpenditor, Viaduct, Eclips, ISPF, TSO


Domain: BFSI, Health Care, Transportation, Retail.



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